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After finishing high school in Amsterdam, Stevie Bill (22) quickly realized that to live her musical dreams, she had to write her own stories. Born to an English mother and a Dutch father, she moved to Berlin after her 17th birthday and she soon found herself working in studio’s and writing songs for other artists.
While in Berlin, Stevie applied to the prestigious Clive Davis Institute at NYU, New York. She was accepted and moved there in September, at age 19. In New York, Stevie is working on her project 24/7, collaborating with the writers and producers she met in Amsterdam, Berlin and New York during the last couple of years. Her melodies and lyrics are always in motion, inspired by contemporary artists like: Post Malone, Clairo and 90s R&b singers like Toni Braxton and TLC, the music Stevie grew up with. Stevie wants her music to be relatable to her peers, telling stories about ambition, self-doubt, friendships and living in a dorm room with strangers.

Open for (Zoom) sessions as a writer / topliner / artist

Recently worked and released with:
- Remme (NL)
- Ferdous (NL)
- Rei Brown/Joji (USA) (New Album 
  coming soon)

- The Avener (FR)
- Gary Go (Rihanna, The Weeknd) (UK)

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